Director Del Toro partners on Sundown

New game blurs line with cinema

Mexican movie director Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Blade II, Relic) is providing his support to help develop Sundown, a videogame where players will be tasked with surviving a terrifying apocalypse that renders the world awash with horrific mutant zombies and a myriad other fatal dangers. Del Toro's actual role within the process is not yet clear but the partnership formed with Terminal Reality (BloodRayne, Demonik, Aeon Flux), which is developing Sundown for next-gen formats, should be nothing but good news for the final product, especially as del Toro is a stylish director (at one-time rumoured to be helming a move version of Halo) who has always considered himself an avid games player.

"I believe in the next 10 years, narrative media is going to shift to a hybrid of videogames and movies. This is a great opportunity for me to help be a bridge to what I believe is the future," said del Toro. "We want to create a real beginning, middle and end to the game and to each set piece of the game too. I want to make some of the atmospheric elements in the game very, very scary."

We look forward to seeing what he comes up with when Sundown appears.

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