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Uncharted 4 and Last Of Us GOTY Edition not likely to arrive in 2014

Nothing but DLC from Naughty Dog in 2014 then

It seems that while Sony may have announced that Naughty Dog have an Uncharted game in the works for the PS4 but it won't be arriving this year.

Community man Eric Monacelli stated in response to a fan question on the PlayStation Blog that it was “doubtful” Uncharted 4 would be released this year.

The question also covered the possibility of a Game Of The Year edition of The Last Of Us appearing in 2014 too which again was “doubtful”.

There's not much else to know on Uncharted 4 for now other than what was teased with the trailer released at the US launch of the PS4. As for The Last Of Us, the story DLC, Left Behind will be released on February the 14th.

Thanks IGN.

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