Codemasters announce the return of Colin McRae

En route soon...

Today, Codemasters has revealed that the one-time undisputed ruler of the rally genre, Colin McRae Rally will be tearing anew through tightly winding courses and spraying mud, gravel, and dust in all directions in 2007.

Presently known under the simple working title of "CMR'07", the Colin McRae Rally franchise will now be developed exclusively for next-generation formats. More than two years has passed since the last CMR addition, but now the boffins at Codemasters are back beavering away to create a completely refreshing version of Colin McRae Rally. The newly produced game is set to include and expand upon the basic premise of authentic point-A to point-B championship rallying in order to offer a wealth of varied international off-road events such as action-packed multiple car Rally Cross and vertigo-inducing Hill Climb challenges across the usual mixture of dust, gravel, dirt, and mud covered surfaces.

Gavin Raeburn, Codemasters' Executive Producer, proudly states that, "The all-new Colin McRae Rally will be a real evolution for the series and offer a massive variety of off-road events, more than any other single-championship rally game has before." Which is certainly good news for the established fans of the franchise who've been itching to get behind the McRae wheel again. Raeburn goes on to say that, "It's being designed to offer a totally accessible, high-speed and adrenalin-fuelled ride for newcomers to the series, yet race-hardened McRae players will be able to delve under the bonnet and immerse themselves in the most challenging of competitions."

Something to look forward to come CMR's appearance in 2007.

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