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Japanese gamers desperate for more Super Mario Bros

Pre-orders soar

Retail reservations and orders for the new Super Mario Bros. game on the Nintendo DS have already shot past the 1.3 million unit mark in Japan, which duly makes it a sales record for any non-Pokemon handheld game. The figure comes to the fore roughly 3 weeks prior to the release of the much-anticipated handheld adventure, which will begin flying from retail shelves on May 25. Apparently, Nintendo plan to ship approximately 800,000 units of Super Mario Bros. in time for the launch, but some eager consumers will be left temporarily empty handed.

The advance popularity of Super Mario Bros. also accompanies notably high sales of the Nintendo DS platform, which is currently experiencing production shortages partly due to increased consumer demand as a result of the introduction of the revamped and resized DS, the Nintendo DS Lite. In Japan alone, the DS has, to date, sold 7.4 million units - which leads its nearest competitor, the Sony PSP, by a staggering 4.0 million units.

The Japanese software market presently holds 9 different million-selling DS titles, 3 of which have surpassed the 2.0 million mark in sales. The current best-selling DS title, Animal Crossing: Wild World moved a whopping 2.72 million units and is still a resident in the Japanese weekly top ten. Considering the massive popularity of the DS and that of the last Mario platform game (Super Mario World), which sold close to 3.5 million units, chances are Super Mario Bros. DS is going to be a smash hit in the charts (Japanese or otherwise) for many, many, months beyond release.

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