Enchanted Arms set for Western release

Go West!

More Ubisoft snippets as today the publisher has confirmed that a summer release has been put in place for the popular Japanese RPG 'Enchanted Arms' (originally inexplicably called '[eM] -eNCHANT arM') on the Xbox 360; meaning that Western audiences can finally get their eager paws on From Software's title without having to polish up their Japanese vocabulary first.

Released alongside the Xbox 360 in Japan, Enchanted Arms offers players the chance to experience a vast fantastical adventure that is filled with more than 75 controllable creatures - which players unlock as they progress through the turn-based action. Players step into the shoes of young Atsuma, an apprentice Enchanter, and lead him down the road of destiny from his beginnings as a simple student to his placement as a powerful warrior across a war 1000 years in the making.

Come its summer release (no fixed date as of yet) consumer reaction could well be mixed due its distinctly Japanese content, but if Jay Cohen, Ubisoft's Vice President of Publishing, is to be believed then Enchanted Arms should be immediately slapped onto everyone's 'wanted' list. "Enchanted Arms is the first classic Japanese RPG game created specifically for Xbox 360," he enthuses. "With its fast-action gameplay, stunning high-definition graphics, rich and colorful environments, and over an hour of Anime-style cinematics, it's a must-have for every Xbox 360 owner." We'll soon see. More as we get it.

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