Wii inspires GameCube price drop?

Cut looms?

Nintendo has made no official announcement at this juncture, but according to sources at Electronics Boutique in North America, recently acquired promotional materials indicate an imminent price drop for the GameCube.

An Electronics Boutique employee has leaked that promo posters for Nintendo's GameCube have been received that exclaim "New Low Price!" while accompanied by a blank area for the proposed reduced price. An informational sheet bundled with the promo posters states they're only to be used if an actual price drop is unveiled - which perhaps indicates that a final decision has yet to be made on the matter. The posters in question are said to cover the May 3rd to May 23rd promotional scheduling so, if this is the real deal, then it'll come to the fore very soon indeed.

Many may well scoff at the possible reduction in retail pricing of the GameCube (the industry's third-placed home console), yet with the onrushing arrival of Nintendo's Wii, it makes fairly good business sense to squeeze the older platform one last time before its graceful surpassing. Moreover, those consumers yet to buy a console would be getting a pure gaming machine - and access to some truly appealing software titles - at a snip of the original price. More info as it arrives.

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