Indiana Jones whips onto next-gen platforms

But not until 2007...

Thanks to a glittering movie trilogy but a somewhat patchy history in the game world - Indie first appeared on the Mac in 1989 - it's with a cautious sense of hope that we reveal the partnership between LucasArts and NaturalMotion to bring everyone's favourite fedora-loving and snake-fearing archaeologist to next-generation home consoles.

NaturalMotion's euphoria behavioural simulation engine 'should' imbue the new Indie game - as yet untitled - with a level of character realism and simulation not yet seen in videogames. Indeed, the simulation engine is said to invoke genuine situational reactions from the game's NPCs (None Playable Characters) rather than merely have them rely on scripted actions. An example of this exists on a swaying rope bridge, where characters react to its unpredictable movements and attempt to steady themselves by reaching for the roped sides, or by finding some sure footing; anything to avoid plunging toward a grizzly death.

The next chapter in Indiana Jones' attempt to unearth a videogame benchmark won't hit retail until some time in 2007, but those consumers currently frothing at the mouth should be privy to more info over the coming weeks as the game is set to appear at this year's E3 expo. However, with the recent burst of franchise quality in the once-flagging Tomb Raider series, Dr. Jones may have his work cut out to wrestle the mantle of success from a revitalised Lara Croft. We will reveal more as we get it.

E3 Trailer