Prey looms from 3D Realms

July launch mooted

3D Realms and Human Head developed first-person shooter Prey took a step closer to release this week, with publisher Take-Two revealing that the game will be out in the USA (and elsewhere, possibly) this July. 3D Realms, owners of the Prey 'IP', also revealed that a demo for the game should be released ahead of the full debut. The game is set for release on the PC and Xbox 360.

"I feel very strongly that the demo will be our most important marketing tool for the game, by a long shot," 3D Realms boss Scott Miller told Game Matters blog, as reported by "Even watching the videos of the game in full glory will not convey to you why this game is truly something different, just as watching Tivo in action is not the same as finally owning it yourself, and coming to realise what a change it is."

Miller qualified the TiVo analogy, stating that "It's a game that comes off sounding like every FPS before it, UNTIL you've played it." Don't judge the game by its premise and genre, Miller seems to be telling us... play the demo. So July it is for Prey, and Miller told the blog he's expecting a warm reception, mooting scores in the '88-92' range.

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