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Third-parties back Revolution

...claims Ninty boss

Nintendo America boss George Harrison has told Game Informer magazine that third-party support is crucial to the success of the Revolution console, that Ninty have learnt from the mistakes of the GameCube, and that the new system will be well-served by external companies.

In the interview, Harrison concedes that the GameCube was damaged by Nintendo's inward looking approach and that broader third-party support would have served the console better. "One of the lessons we tried to learn from GameCube was that we kept things too close. And so as we got ready to launch, we had some of our own great games but third parties were kind of behind the eight ball in terms of being able to have games ready," the SVP explained.

Harrison told the magazine that Nintendo have distributed more than 1,000 development kits, including the 'revolutionary' controller, and that plenty of titles developed by external firms should be en route. Whilst he wouldn't be drawn on pricing, Harrison did note that Ninty still plan to 'disrupt' the norm through various means.

"I think that, oddly enough, when people talk about horsepower, sheer graphical processing and things, the system that had the least impressive technical specs, the PlayStation 2, became the huge winner in the last generation," he explained. "That told us that it wasn't always just about horsepower. One of the things that we did learn, and one of the reasons that we're here today is that you have to get third party involvement early and they have to be able to get access early."

More news on the console itself and of course third-party involvement, is expected at E3 in a couple of weeks time.

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