Lewis disinterested by Sony plans

...Blu-ray dissed, too...

Microsoft big-cheese Chris Lewis, one of the top-brass behind the Xbox in Europe, has vocalised his disinterest in Sony's PS3 plans, in an interview with German site Spiegel Online, reported by

Apparently, the console chief is more focussed on Redmond's own efforts, which focus around region-specific content, than he is on Sony's pricing or other plans for the PS3: "We don't want to get, nor are we, distracted by what they announce or don't announce. We both know that what they say may not become reality. It's interesting, but from our point of view we're focused on what we're doing. I don't really care when they launch."

Lewis went on to compare the Blu-ray disc format used by the Sony PS3 to the doomed Betamax videorecorder, stating that "it's about giving consumers choice, we think it's about not necessarily asking them to pay over the odds for a technology that, at the moment, is unproven." The Xbox 360 uses the rival HD-DVD format at present, though MS bosses have in the past said that theoretically a Blu-ray drive could be connected to the 360 externally.

The chief went on to chat about the success of particular franchises in Europe and Germany, such as Age of Empires, stating that games with regional appeal are pivotal to success worldwide. More on the 'console-wars' as we get it.


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