New Destroy All Humans mooted

Sequel promises more mayhem...

US publisher THQ have confirmed that developer Pandemic are now back at work on a brand new Destroy All Humans title, and that the game should be ready for the PS2 and Xbox by the end of the year. The hit original, which worked so well thanks to a wonderfully original premise, saw players subverting the lives of humanity in all manner of darkly-comical ways, quite literally aiming to destroy all humans. The game saw you playing as an alien called Crypto, by the way.

Destroy All Humans 2 will apparently feature a stronger 'human' component, including ninjas, Soviets and spies, alongside a tempting new co-operative mode and five 'open-ended' worlds. The new title should be unveiled more fully at E3, we reckon. Back to the lab for more morally-dubious experimentation, in the meantime...


E3 Trailer