NY Times reveals Vader game

...points to new Indie Jones game

LucasArts may have fallen somewhat quiet lately, especially now all the new Star Wars flicks are out the door, but this may be because they're plotting their next move, according to a new report in the New York Times. According to the article, which focuses on the developer, rather than its licences or games, LucasArts are even as you read this plotting a brand new game based on Darth Vader. According to the report lead designer Haden Blackman has outlined a new Star Wars game focussing on the life and history of Darth Vader to senior management, and that he will take-charge of the new title.

An intriguing prospect indeed. But what of LucasArts promise to move away from Star Wars re-hashing? Well, original titles are apparently in the works too, if under-wraps presently, whilst work is also well-underway on a new Indiana Jones game. Apparently, product development VeePee Peter Hirschmann "gleefully explained how researchers had tracked down images of San Francisco buildings from 1915 for the future Indiana Jones game". We'll keep you posted on LucasArts as we learn more.


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