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G-Mod hits Steam

For 10 USD...

The importance of Steam as a distribution platform for games both big and small seems to be highlighted with increasing frequency lately, the latest piece of software to be sold via the service being G-Mod for Valve's Source engine. G-Mod, or Garry's Mod, will cost Steam users ten USD to download and will be supported by free updates to the tool. Apparently, profits from the mod will be split 50-50 between Valve and the developers, though it is unclear if this is the same deal under which other developers utilise Steam as a promotion and distribution platform.

The G-Mod allows you to do all manner of clever things with Source engined games such as Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike: Source, creating scenes and the like in a highly flexible manner. The mod was previously supported by donations but creator Garry conceded that he was losing patience with continued development and that the Valve deal effectively safe-guarded the future of the tool. A 9.1 edition will launch over Steam, whilst an older edition will serve as demonstration of the tool's potential.

Fans of the mod have so far voiced their disappointment at this move into 'must pay' territory, but Garry states that he hopes the community will appreciate this shift in the end, given the increased support and improvement of the software it will deliver. More as we get it.

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