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WoW cheaters spliced

5,400 gone, 10,000 plus suspended...

World of Warcraft's epic user figures might actually have stopped growing for an hour or two this week, after creators Blizzard axed 5,400 players and suspended the accounts of a further 10,000-plus. The action was taken after the recent 1.10 update, and was revealed by a developer upon the official forums yesterday.

The accounts were suspended or closed because the 'gamers' in question were caught cheating, basically, breaching the terms of use via third-party programs, abusing systems and more besides. Many among the game's vast community of players hope that this purge will help rid the game of gold 'farmers', who stand accused of unbalancing the delicate economies of the game. Said farmers often sell-on the gold they farm via site's outside of the game world.

The 1.10 patch hit the interweb on March 28th, and Blizzard appear to be working hard to maintain order in their increasingly popular MMO, which must have become a cumbersome task even for Blizzard to manage. Huge server upgrades were recently announced for Europe as operators look to keep-pace with the game's growth. We'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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