God Hand hinted by RE designer

New title from Clover

The latest word out of Japan reveals that Shinji Mikami, creator of the best-selling Resident Evil series, is hard at work on a brand-spanking new game this week. The PS2 game, revealed by Famitsu, will be called God Hand, and the reknown designer will co-create the new experience in tandem with Atsushi Inaba, creator of the Viewtiful Joe series.

Capcom's team at Clover will make the new title, having cut their teeth on Viewtiful Joe's sequels previously. Clover are also the experienced hands behind Okami, a PS2 action-adventure featuring some truly unique visuals. It is expected that God Hand will be exposed further at E3 next month, and with a name like God Hand we're certainly intrigued by what Capcom are plotting.

Ham Hand, on the other hand, would have been a terrible name. Ho-hum.

E3 Trailer