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The Roots chopped

RPG axed by Cenega

Videogames publisher Cenega has revealed that development has been halted on RPG 'The Roots', and point to unspecified "serious problems" as the cause behind the cancellation. The Roots was being developed by Tanhauser Gate, with whom Cenega have subsequently sliced all ties, it is being reported. The game was to be released on the Xbox and the PC.

Whilst the action-RPG had suffered a couple of delays previously, there had been no prior indication that it might be axed entirely, until this news from the publisher. Cenega apologised to the community which had built-up around the upcoming RPG, and stated that they hope other games in Cenega's line-up will help fill the void.

Cenega announced recently the development of a new title in the popular UFO series, though it is unclear at present if The Roots can still make release if an alternative publisher is found. We'll keep you rooted with all the latest news (ha - Ed).

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