Hover Bovver mows onto big screens

Gordon Bennet's back...

Remember the cassette-powered lawn-mower insanity that was Hover Bovver on the C64? Enjoy web-TV gaming show Consolevania, or the BBC series VideoGaiden? Well, these two apparently disparate entities are on a collision course this month, with pre-production set to begin on an officially licensed Hover Bovver movie, which the Consolevania team are to create. The film will be based on an official licence acquired from original game developer Jeff Minter. And no, we're not kidding.

The 1980s landmark title saw the player stealing a neighbour's lawnmower then mowing as many lawns as possible before the irate neighbour caught-up or the time ran out. "We're delighted to have finally secured the rights to this property," beamed Consolevania's Robert Florence. "It has always been a dream of mine to bring that loveable lawnmower-stealing rogue Gordon Bennet to the big screen, and I relish the challenge ahead."

More on this hilarious prospect as we get it.


E3 Trailer