Warner Bros cans story Batman: Arkham Origins story DLC on the Wii U

Publisher cites lack of demand

Warner Bros has cancelled the Wii U version of the upcoming story downloadable content for Batman: Arkham Origins.

Nintendo has notified Wii U owners of Batman: Arkham Origins and the game's season pass that the Wii U version of the story DLC has been dropped and they are offering full refunds for the game's 19.99 USD season pass.

Their email stated, "We are contacting you today because you purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass for Wii U. We hope you've been enjoying the content that has been delivered thus far. Based on demand for Downloadable Content on the system, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made the decision to remove its offering of the upcoming new story campaign for Wii U. As a result, we will be crediting the entire 19.99 USD +tax cost of the Season Pass back to your Nintendo eShop account. You will still be able to enjoy the content already released thus far." Warner Bros cans story Batman: Arkham Origins story DLC on the Wii U

The story DLC was recently teased by Warner Bros and will likely feature Mr Freeze as a central character. The DLC will still be released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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