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Red Steel sighted for Revolution

'Katana' exposed?

Whilst the French publishing powerhouse aren't saying anything at present, Game Informer magazine are, and given that it's the cover story for their latest issue it's a pretty safe bet that this is no mere conjecture. Ubisoft are working on a brand new game for the Revolution console, we're led to believe, the game in question being crafted by Ubisoft's Paris studio, by a team which has in the past worked on Prince of Persia, Far Cry Instincts, Ghost Recon and more.

Red Steel is the name of the project, which may be the rumoured 'Katana' title, hinted at in recent days. A mix of gun and sword gameplay is predicted, with adult violence flying in the face of atypical Nintendo titles. More on Red Steel will no doubt be presented at E3, and it will be interesting to see the extent to which this high-profile third-party title will make use of the Revolution controller. We'll keep you posted.

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