Rainbow Six: Vegas exposed further

New details on Ubi's opus

Having confirmed its existence a couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft have now opted to further reveal Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas in an official capacity. The new Rainbow Six, in development for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, will be out in the autumn.

Set entirely in a lovingly rendered virtual recreation of Las Vegas, the new Rainbow Six will see a brand new team of agents working to save the city of sin from an ever-escalating terrorist threat. Some rather special high-definition graphics strike as the first change with Vegas, and we're told to expect new team-mates with new abilities, with whom you will have to work closely in order to complete the tense new missions of the singleplayer story mode.

Apparently, your cohorts will make gameplay/story-impacting suggestions as you proceed, advising on tactics and the like. Things like snake cams will also add a new element of excitement to situations, allowing you to tag terrorists, for example. A range of new moves will be on the roster, all of them lovingly motion-captured for authenticity, with new real-time mission briefings promised additionally.

A full online mode will of course once again form a major part of the package, but we're told to expect smarter enemy AI too, taking advantage of hardware improvements. More news on this at E3 next month, we reckon.

E3 Trailer