Mario immortalised on Japanese stamps

Out next month...

A set of Japanese postal stamps celebrating Nintendo's legendary plumber Mario is now on-sale in the land of the rising sun, where you can pre-order ten-strong sheets of the 80 yen stamps. The stamps will be officially launched next month in Japan, and Japan Post are no doubt expecting a run on the highly-collectable stamps. The stamps can be pre-ordered via eBay now for non-residents of Japan, and no doubt resident 'gaijin' might be hoping to make a killing selling the stamps abroad. Ahem.

Japan is something of a Mecca for creative stamps and indeed stationary of all kinds, so its little surprise to see one of the nation's favourite hobbies immortalised in this manner. Whilst the stamps won't work outside of Japan, it is conceivable that a letter, postcard or packet could be posted to another country using them. We'll keep you posted on this, and more, as we get it. Geddit? (You're fired. - Ed)

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