Bethesda enhance Oblivion

New downloads for the PC

The PC version Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which has been drawing rave reviews for Bethesda, will be getting a special downloads site where all those little extras from the Xbox Marketplace can also be grabbed by PC gamers. will carry the same extra content that Bethesda has been creating and selling via the Xbox Live service. A Horse Armour Pack is the first item made available, and it costs 1.99 USD from the new downloads site. The same item also costs 200 Microsoft points in the Marketplace. The pack, a wee slip of a download, enables the player to acquire armour for their horse.

Orrery and Wizard's Tower are revealed as the next two updates, the first being a new quest, the second enabling the ability to grow useful herbs and other related activities. "It certainly may be the case that some plug-ins will appeal to some folks and not others, but we hope we'll be able to provide a good variety so that there's something for everyone," Bethesda commented on the add-on mini-packs. More on this Xbox 360 and PC RPG as we get it.

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