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Hitman targets Xbox 360

Out soon...

Blood Money, the latest instalment of IO and Eidos' bestselling Hitman series, already well-under way at the developer, will be heading to the Xbox 360 this spring too. The publisher made the announcement late yesterday, confirming that the next-generation version will see the light of day alongside editions for the PC, PS2 and Xbox.

"The development team at IO have engineered and developed the game to harness and exploit the latest in graphics and game technology so Xbox 360 is the ideal platform to demonstrate this work in HD," beamed producer Neil Donnell. The game is the fourth in the long-running series, and will see our mysterious Hitman journey to America to work alone after his agency is destroyed.

Tomb Raider: Legend will hit the Xbox 360 this Friday, and we are of course terribly keen to see whether Lara has managed to pull off an unlikely renaissance after the Angel of Darkness flop. More soon, then.

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