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Final Fantasy XIII to be PS3 exclusive?

EGM rumour mill churns-out... today reveals a spot of excitement ahead of this year's E3 event, to be held in Los Angeles come May. Citing EGM magazine, the website reveals a rather juicy rumour that Final Fantasy XIII will be revealed as a Playstation 3 exclusive at the show. Apparently, E3 will get a teaser trailer of the new RPG, and the inevitable boastings about exclusivity from the platform holder.

Apparently, FFXIII has been nearly complete for some time, Square Enix pushing the project back owing to the well-publicized delays suffered by number twelve. reports several additional EGM speculations too, namely that a new Mario Paint is en route for the DS, a new PSP design specification is mooted, as well as gossip on a mysterious sequel to an SNES/N64 series bound for the Revolution. No word on what series that is, sadly. Thanks, no really, thanks.

More on all this tittle-tattle as we get.

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