Far Cry tied-up by Ubi

New IP deal signed

The rights to pretty much everything related to the Far Cry series have been tied-up by French publishing house Ubisoft this week, on the eve of Far Cry Instincts Evolution (Xbox) and Far Cry Instincts Predator (Xbox 360) launches, which should land today across the continent today. Whilst the original Far Cry was developed by German outfit Crytek, subsequent efforts have been handled by Ubisoft's in-house studios, and this deal will allow the publisher to continue work on the series, whilst Crytek work on Crysis for EA.

All Far Cry 'IP' (names, games, ideas, etc), will pass into Ubisoft's hands as part of the deal, as well as the rights to use the CryENGINE used to such good effect in all the Far Cry games released to-date. The engine deal means Ubisoft can also use the technology in other projects, something that might not please EA too massively, given the use of the same technology in Crysis. Or maybe they don't care.

We'll keep you posted on Ubisoft's plans for the Far Cry franchise as we learn more. Though it's a shame that it now seems unlikely Crytek will be involved in any full sequel to the PC original, given how much we enjoyed it. More soon.

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