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Live soars with Xbox 360

New figures reveal useage....

Xbox Live has had little difficulty winning over the plaudits since it launched in November 2002, but it hasn't always garnered the number of players that the world's best console multiplayer service perhaps deserves. Not that Live has gone unenjoyed, as several new statistics released by Microsoft today prove. Gamers using the service have racked-up a mighty 1.5 billion hours of playtime to-date, with a staggering 500 million of those hours spent in online heavyweight Halo 2.

More over, the latest information released by Microsoft, reveals that since the next-generation Xbox 360 console launched, more than half of the system's owners have connected to Live, a far higher figure than the 10% or so of original Xbox purchasers who have used Live. This is, perhaps, partly attributable to the Silver membership which allow gamers to access Live for free.

More pointless factoids reveal that the average 360 gamer on Live plays online 25 times a week, compared to just 6 times a week with the original Xbox. The most popular next-gen title is Call of Duty 2, followed by Perfect Dark Zero, PGR3 and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Moving onto the Arcade, and more than three million games have been downloaded, 20% of which have resulted in purchases. Geometry Wars is the number one Arcade game. More useless facts we get it.

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