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Revolution launch not global

Iwata hints at lower-key debut

"We don't think it's necessary to do the simultaneous worldwide launch simply because others are doing this," Nintendo President Satoru Iwata told news agency Bloomberg at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose last week. Where Microsoft managed to launch the Xbox 360 in America, Europe and Japan within three weeks last year, Sony have gone one step further and confirmed a November launch worldwide which also covers Australasia and several Asian nations. Ninty, however, won't opt for the epic task of a global debut, by the sound of things, a decision which might set alarm bells ringing among European gamers, accustomed to feeling neglected by Nintendo's launch strategy in the region.

Nintendo are expected to reveal firmer launch plans for the Revolution system at a conference prior to E3 in May, and have in the past promised a launch for the new console this year. They have however been cagey about discussing exactly where the Revolution will be made available, though we should know more soon.

"I'm hopeful in the latter half of April we can get rid of the terrible, terrible shortage situation that we are facing with the Nintendo DS right now," Iwata also told Bloomberg, speaking on the subject of DS Lite delays in Japan. The new console has enjoyed unprecedented success of late, partly fuelled by the new 'Brain Age' games which have become something of a phenomenon among older gamers in Japan. More on all this as we get it.

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