StarCraft: Ghost 'indefinitely postponed'

Blizzard halt development

That console spin-off StarCraft: Ghost has endured a torrid development process was apparent to anyone who has witness the delays, setbacks and development-team upheavals the project has endured in recent years. But no one could have predicted that Blizzard might cancel (or 'indefinitely postpone', if you prefer) the game entirely. There is a caveat, a glimmer of hope, in that Ghost has only been halted whilst Blizzard examines "opportunities for utilising the additional power of the new and upcoming console systems," however.

A press release circulated at the tail-end of last week confirmed the stoppage, which Blizzard state they made as they look to focus on next-generation console development. The much-delayed Ghost was due to launch on current-generation systems. "In addition to allowing us to determine the best course for StarCraft: Ghost, this review period will help us lay the groundwork for our future console games," explained company president Mike Morhaime.

We'll keep you posted on Blizzard's plans for StarCraft on consoles, which at least seems like a strong possibility, even if it won't be via Ghost. More as we get it, then.

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