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Battlefield 2142 official

Welcome to the future...DICE

Swedish developer DICE (recently the subject of further EA-related takeover speculation) have chosen this week to unofficially lift the lid on a project we've heard mutterings of for some time: Battlefield 2142. The game, an update of their well-defined winning formula set in the future, is due out on this PC this autumn, and was confirmed via the community website. The DICE update 'beamed' thusly:

"As you'll have guessed, this is a departure for the BF series as we're going into the future - something that a lot of you wanted to see happen in the BF universe. We're creating a ton of cool features that you won't have seen in any BF before, including cloaking devices, mines that follow you, awesome new rifles, guns and grenades, and of course, MECHS!"

The developer's Stockholm studio are charged with creating this vision of a future war, whilst DICE Canada beaver away on updating Battlefield 2 and an expansion pack. More news is promised later in the week, so we'll keep you posted as we learn more.

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