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2K announce CivCity: Rome, Civ IV expanded

Sid's boys get busy...

Stronghold developer Firefly Studios will partner with veteran strategy developer Firaxis on a new project revealed by publisher 2K Games this week. CivCity: Rome takes its inspiration from Sid Meier's acclaimed Civilization series, and promises a rich and detailed slice of Roman empirical life. The most vivid "ever depicted on a computer screen," in fact.

The new PC game, due out in the summer, will see you building Rome from humble origins before moving on to create all the hallmarks of Roman life celebrated to this day. It all looks jolly exciting, as you can see from the new screenshots released of the game, and further demonstrates Take-Two's (2K's ) commitment to broadening their reach beyond the GTA series.

In a separate announcement, 2K also announced an expansion pack for Civ IV called Warlords. The game will feature brand new units and historically legendary leaders such as Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Like Rome, the new game will be released in the summer and will feature six civilizations, ten leaders and innumerable new wonders and new units. More on all this as we get it. 2K announce CivCity: Rome, Civ IV expanded

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