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New Source game from Turtle Rock

To be published via Steam...

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero completers Turtle Rock have revealed that they are working on a brand new Source engine game this week, and that their latest opus will be distributed via the Steam delivery system. Valve's online 'publishing' software has become an increasingly popular method of delivering a game to customers in recent months, and this could be one its highest profile third-party charges to-date. Turtle Rock have previously helped-out on projects such as Red Alert II and C&C Generals, and the developer certainly seem enthused by the flexibility of the Source/Steam model.

"Working with Source and Steam allows us unprecedented flexibility in our development process, provides instantaneous world-wide distribution, and affords us the creative freedom to focus on building a game universe of our very own," beamed chief Michael Booth. "We're excited to be working with this technology and to reveal more about the project over the coming year."

Of course, we don't actually yet know what the game will be called, let alone the genre, but something played from a first-person perspective would be an educated guess given the involvement of the Source engine. More soon, then.

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