ZeniMax reveals an all-star voice cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

Cast includes John Cleese, Jennifer Hale and Malcolm McDowell

ZeniMax has announced the voice cast for The Elder Scrolls Online and it is crammed with big names like Malcolm McDowell and Monty Python legend John Cleese.

TESO game director, Matt Firor said, "This extraordinary group of actors helps bring the distinctive characters in The Elder Scrolls Online to life. In The Elder Scrolls tradition, we sought world class talent to add a deep and enriching component to the immersive world the series offers players."

John Cleese will star as a crazy lost soul called Cadwell who fears no-one, not even Daedric Princes. Underworld and Shaun Of The Dead's Bill Nighy stars as the mercantile High King Emeric. Fellow Underworld star Kate Beckinsale lends her voice as Queen Ayrenn the warrior-like leader of the Aldmeri Dominion. ZeniMax reveals an all-star voice cast for The Elder Scrolls Online

Alfred Molina (Dr Octopus in Spiderman 2) plays an old wizard by the name of Abnur Tharn who heads up the Empire's Elder Council. The mysterious Prophet is voiced by seasoned Thespian Michael Gambon. Another British legend, Malcolm McDowell provides the voice of Daedric Prince Molag Bal.

Also on board is the imposing Peter Stormare as Jorunn the Skald King, WALL-E's Jim Ward as renegade High Elf wizard Mannimarco and Jennifer 'FemShep' Hale is the voice of Nord half-giant Lyris Titanborn. All in all, not a bad little ensemble.

The Elder Scrolls Online is due to be released on PC and Mac on April the 4th with the Xbox One and PS4 versions due in June.

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