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PS3 news looms

Dating and pricing on the 15th?

Word reaches us today via the stretching, twisting vines of the internet that details on the PS3 could be forthcoming this very week, with Sony conceding that a major press conference will be held. The conference, believed to be scheduled for the 15th of March (Wednesday) in Tokyo, was hinted at by a Koei executive at an unrelated event. Koei chief Kiyoshi Komatsu stated that 'some details' might be made available then (at the conference on the 15th).

If word of the PS3 is forthcoming on the 15th, gamers and industry types will be eager to see when the new system will launch, given that spring is now basically underway and that the firm had hinted at a Japanese launch this very season. With the Game Developers Conference getting underway in San Jose next week, speculation is rife in the press that Sony will release a few details ahead of chief Phil Harrison's keynote speech.

Various other net-based speculation also points increasingly towards a late summer or autumn debut for the system, with experts stating that spring is now an impossibility. An unnamed source at a Taiwanese manufacturer also revealed that his firm will begin assembling PS3 circuit boards in the early summer. More on this as we get it.

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