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PSP posters pulled from UK stations

Posters pulled after staff complaints

Sony Europe have taken the step of removing several PSP advertising posters from railway services across the UK, after transport staff raised safety concerns about the message on the ad. The posters urged customers to "Take a running jump from here" and whilst the message referred to the portability of the PSP hardware, rail staff were concerned that the poster contradicted their own safety advice.

"An employee spotted it and said it was a bit inappropriate," the Manchester Evening News were told by a Network Rail representative. "The message goes completely against all our safety messages, particularly because PlayStation is aimed at youngsters and we are constantly telling them not to trespass."

The poster won't be ceased entirely, but Sony are in the process of having it removed from all places deemed 'inappropriate'. The campaign was designed to finish this weekend anyway, so minimum fuss will be caused by Sony's decision now, taken in light of the placing of certain ads.

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