BAFTA get serious about games

Awards tied to London Games Week

Recognising the growing status of videogames as 'art forms' approaching the validity of television and cinema, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts have announced that their annual interactive entertainment awards will take on new significance, and be re-dated to increase their exposure. The awards will now form the focal point of London Games Week, which will be held in October of this year.

The BAFTA Games Committee are behind the new focus, organisations like ELSPA, TIGA and Sony providing members. Games Week will run in the capital from October 2nd.

BAFTA boss Duncan Kenworthy explained "Video games constitute a hugely significant new, moving image art form that sits alongside film and television in its power to entertain and educate, and the Academy is determined to encourage its development. The British Academy Video Games Awards are a key part of our strategy to define, articulate and reward excellence in the sector, to the benefit of those who create games and those who play them."

The awards will attempt to reward games demonstrating innovation and excellence. TIGA boss Fred Hasson added that the awards coupled with London Games Week could help foster the gaming equivalent of the Cannes film festival. Numerous other events will take place over the week. More soon.

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