New Call of Duty titles speculated

Nothing official, like...

Online game site, along with several other notable publications (albeit of the exclusively net-based variety) are speculating that a new Call of Duty could be en route, 'sources' cited as revealing that new titles will be created for the PC, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360 and PS3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is rumoured to be in development at Infinity Ward, and will feature middle-east combat, pitting the US army, marines, and the SAS against terrorist factions backing a brutal dictator.

Highly interactive environments are touted in Jostiq's expose, whilst we're told there will be helicopters to pilot, laser-guided bombs, innumerable authentic guns, grenades et al. If this all sounds a little too close to home, perhaps the new console title, as yet unnamed, will provide a little more escapism, set during the 1944 Breakout campaign in Normandy.

Net speculation points to Treyarch as developer, but this remains unsubstantiated, and we're promised plenty of vehicles to drive, parachute jumps, tank-driving, commando missions and more. The gameplay will be enriched further by a new physics engine, and new moves for disarming traps, sprinting for cover and dodging assaults.

Of course, no one's giving much away at present, and publisher Activision are proving evasive too. More as and when we get it.

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