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Chinese WoW gamers rage at The9

Service problems plague MMO

Recent service 'issues' surrounding World of Warcraft in China have led many gamers there to threaten a mass exodus from the game, unless Blizzard and Chinese provider The9 make key improvements, reports Gamasutra.com. The MMO title is hugely popular in China, but news agency Interfax reveals that the title may be experiencing more than a few 'growing pains'.

Chinese gamers are apparently experiencing very long delays when logging-in to the title, sometimes waiting more than an hour to reach the server list. What's more an endgame raid featuring one-thousand or so gamers recently collapsed at the eleventh hour because of mass server failure. Very frustrating.

Chinese MMO company The9 operate and maintain the day-to-day operations of the game in China, but Blizzard are still crucial to the development equation and it is believed a flaw in this relationship could be causing delays in improvements. Chinese gamers are particularly angered as The9 charge per hour for play-time in WoW, rather than on a monthly subscription basis.

A spokesman for the company said the problems were being investigated at present and that customers who'd lost out would be reimbursed. More soon.

Source: Gamasutra.com

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