MP Keith Vaz calls for stronger game restrictions

Bigger labelling bill suggested

UK industry website is today reporting from the heady world of British politics, and MP Keith Vaz's ongoing efforts to further restrict the sale of violent videogames. Vaz appears to be a taking a stand in the name of Giselle Pakeerah, who's fourteen year-old son was murdered by a seventeen year-old with a hammer in 2004. At the time the crime was linked with Rockstar's controversial game Manhunt, though the link was later cast into doubt by police investigating the case.

Vaz wants games including content unsuitable for minors to carry larger, clearer labelling highlighting the content of the game, and he plans to propose a new bill to Parliament after consultations with PM Tony Blair. The law has little chance of success, reports suggest, as investigations into adult videogames are ongoing as part of an investigation commissioned by the government.

Vaz has been a vocal critic of the games industry for several years, and believes the currently enforced BBFC ratings system to be insufficient to prevent unsuitable games falling into the hands of minors. We'll keep you posted as this situation develops.


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