New World Cup game official

EA unveil 2006WC

Staggering, shocking, baffling news today from the house of EA, who have just announced 2006 FIFA World Cup for the PC, consoles and handheld platforms (all of them, basically). The game is scheduled to launch ahead of the world's number one sporting showcase in April, and will capture many of the authenticities to feature in Germany this summer.

EA highlight the fact that 100 famous-name players will be recreated in extra-special detail, with vivid animation and staggering likenesses promised. All 127 national sides will also be available to play as, and the 12 main venues of the cup recreated in detail. Stadia from qualifying rounds will also be represented, and a Global Challenge mode will help recreate classic matches and moments from World Cups gone by.

We're told to expect unlockable bonuses such as a classic star players and 'sportswear', the former sounding particularly interesting, and all in all, EA must be rubbing their hands in glee at the prospect of gargantuan sales ahead of the tournament.

"The FIFA World Cup will be the single most watched sporting event by a worldwide television audience, bringing together football fans from around the world," beamed producer Joe Nickolls. "Our game, 2006 FIFA World Cup, celebrates this passion by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, enabling fans to play their heroes and be a part of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany."

More on this in due course.

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