Characters revealed in the new teaser for BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Episode Two

Video teases an extremely interesting conclusion to the story

Irrational Games has release their first teaser for the second episode of their story downloadable content for BioShock Infinite.

The teaser video for Burial At Sea Episode Two shows a scene through the eyes of Elizabeth as she is interrogated by Atlas, a man who opposes Andrew Ryan and helps the player through the early stages of BioShock. There is also mention of the Oriental engineer Suchong.

Bizarrely Booker is sitting on a chair playing guitar and it's almost as if only Elizabeth can see him at this point which feels like the exchanges between Gaius Baltar and the Caprica Six in his head.

Could it be that we play as Elizabeth in the concluding part of this story?

There's no mention of when Burial At Sea Episode Two will be released other than a 'Coming Soon' at the end of the teaser. Hopefully Irrational won't make us wait too long...

E3 Trailer