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Plastic Piranha's new shooter Rekoil arrives on Steam

Level design competition being held to celebrate the launch

505 Games has announced the launch of Plastic Piranha's new hardcore arena shooter Rekoil on the PC.

The shooter has been designed with both modders and eSports in mind with full modding tools to allow the community to go wild creating levels for the game which focuses on fast-flowing competitive FPS battles for 16 to 24 players.

As far as eSports goes the game features full Twitch.tv support and spectator mode for casting and commentary. There's LAN support for tournaments and a replay function for event organizers and video directors to review the key moments in each match.

Plastic Piranha and 505 Games are holding a level design competition with the winner scoring an Alienware Aurora gaming rig with Dell Ultrasharp Monitor, Alienware TactX Keyboard, Mouse and Gaming Headset.

All of the details of the competition are available on the 505 Games website and entries are made via the Rekoil official forum. Rekoil is available to buy now on Steam for PC at 11.99 GBP.

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