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Hard-drive equipped PSP2 rumoured

Nothing official, like...

Why is it that beyond rumours of Half-Life 3's and Grand Theft Auto 5's, the hardware gossip is always the most titillating? Are us gamers such gluttons for punishment that we relish the prospect of expensive hardware upgrades? Regardless, we couldn't help but feel a little flutter of excitement when rumours of a PSP2 began circulating online last week. Nothing official has been announced by Sony yet of course, but we have read word of a new Sony handheld from enough sources now to give them some credence.

Analysts last year suggested that a new PSP would come with a built in hard-drive, negating the expensive and still-too-small memory stick storage solution, and reports recently suggest the PSP2 will incorporate this as well as video chat, PS3 connectivity over WiFi, streaming media and other (occasionally far-fetched) properties.

Some sites are even stating that the PSP2's built-in hard-drive could be as large as 8GB, though others believe it will in fact be 4GB. Regardless, a juicy prospect, and with Ninty announcing the DS Lite, surely a revision of the hardware from Sony would also be pertinent. More as we get it.

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