Spooks actress voices Lara

Keeley Hawes becomes Lara

The voice of 'countess' Lara Croft will be provided for in Tomb Raider: Legend by Keeley Hawes of the Spooks fame, publisher Eidos (now owned by SCI) has revealed. Eidos announced a new 'real-life' face for Miss Croft last week, confirming a former Top Shop assistant as the new model to appear in interviews and photoshoots as the legendary Tomb Raider. For her part, Keeley Hawes is most famous as Zoe from BBC series Spooks, but also appeared in Pie in the Sky alongside Richard Griffiths back in the day. She was also in the film A Cock and Bull Story opposite Steve Coogan.

"Lara Croft is such a strong and powerful character, but she also has an edge to her, which was great to portray vocally," Hawes beamed. "Lara is getting up to all sorts of trouble in Legend, I am sure the fans won't be disappointed!" Let's hope Hawes knows something we don't about the first Lara-outing not developed by Core design...

Matt Gorman, Eidos person, stated that Keeley Hawes possessed "the right balance of aristocracy and attitude to really bring to life Miss Croft in all her glory." The game is out on April 11th for the PS2, PC and Xbox. PSP and Xbox 360 versions are set to follow.

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