New Godfather games mooted

Numbers 2 and 3 possible

It isn't exactly what you'd call a surprise, but I suppose we might be mildly shocked to hear talk of sequels before even the first title touches store shelves. Nonetheless, an EA chief has hinted for the first the first time that sequels to The Godfather are planned, EA hoping to expand and evolve this 'IP', brimming with potential. "We went into this venture taking into consideration the establishment of a brand new franchise. Our intention is to make two and three," revealed producer David DeMartini, talking to the BBC.

The Godfather has already been delayed a couple of times as EA look to perfect and polish their opus ahead of the launch, the scale of their investment in the project also demonstrating the onus the publisher places upon releasing a top-quality game. Francis Ford Coppola directed three films based on Mario Puzo's novels, and EA clearly also believe there is much potential for further exploitation. For his part, the director himself has been vocally negative about the videogames, the interactive medium overlooking the more complex observations of the film. More as we get it.

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