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Original DS to end in summer

Fils-Aime fills us in (again)

Online reports deliver word that Nintendo's US marketing mastermind Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that the original model DS will be phased out from the summer, ceasing entirely this autumn, to be replaced by the forthcoming DS Lite. Speaking on TV show Game Heads, Fils-Aime announced that the original and Lite models will be sold side-by-side until the end of the summer, at which point Ninty will drop the product and stop replenishing stocks at retailers.

A redesign of the popular handheld console has been expected for some time, and Nintendo have in the past been quick to alter and introduce revisions of their hardware, keeping their product fresh and maintaining a certain air of excitement. Alterations often taken into account shifts in fashion, as with the GBA SP previously, and as evident in the sleeker 'iPod-generation' aesthetics of the new Lite.

The DS Lite is out in Japan at the beginning of March, and will reach other territories in the 'spring', by latest reckoning. Three colours will be available. Finally, we learn that Fils-Aime will announce Revolution console dating and more at this year's E3, to be held in LA this May. More as we get it.

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