Chinese laws crack down on Gaming Cafes

Teenagers banned from cafes from March 1st

The Xinhua News Agency reveals this week that from March 1st teenagers will be banned from internet cafes where gaming takes place, as the government look to block "audio and video products and electronic games" which could prove a 'negative' influence. As well as games and net cafes, where MMO titles are incredibly popular, the ban also covers karaoke bars and discos. The news agency said the new rules target media which could "harm national security and incite hatred toward other nationalities."

"With the development of the Internet, there has been some harmful and illegal content. The Chinese Government has adopted some management measures so as to limit the immoral and harmful content, especially for young people," government spokesman Liu Jianchao is quoted as stating, when announcing the strict new legislation.

China introduced new measures at the end of last year in an attempt to limit the time gamers could spend in persistent online worlds, however reports emerging from China suggest that gamers have been able to negate time limits by switching between avatars and titles.

More on this as we get it.

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