EA also paid Youtubers for positive mentions of their games

Another 'stealth' marketing programme revealed

It has emerged that Microsoft aren't the only big games company paying Youtubers to mention their products.

EA has been explosed as having paid Youtubers to mention their games and highlighted features of their games in a positive light as part of their Ronku programme via a thread on NeoGAF.

Ronku programme participants have reportedly received between 10 USD and 15 USD per thousand views although to EA's credit they have full owned up to running the programme even going so far as to state that they insist that participants follow the FTC's guidelines on paid endorsements. EA also paid Youtubers for positive mentions of their games

They said in a statement to The Verge, "Through EA's Ronku program, some fans are compensated for the YouTube videos they create and share about our games. The program requires that participants comply with FTC guidelines and identify when content is sponsored. User-generated videos are a valuable and unique aspect of how gamers share their experiences playing the games they love, and one that EA supports."

The statement went on, "We explicitly state in the Terms & Conditions of the program that each video must comply with the FTC's Guidelines concerning Use of Testimonials and Endorsements in Advertising."

Thanks Ars Technica.

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