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Microsoft and Machinima brand recent promotion a 'typical marketing partnership'

Despite explanation confidence in Youtubers eroded further

Microsoft and Machinima have now passed an official comment on the recent revelations that the Xbox platform holder was paying Machinima affiliates bonuses for positively mentioning the Xbox One in their videos.

Microsoft was offering Machinima's affiliates a bonus 3 USD per thousand views on videos that showed at least 30 seconds of Xbox One gameplay footage and identifying it verbally in the first two minutes of their videos and not saying anything negative about either Microsoft or Machinima during the whole video.

Only videos tagged with XB1M13 and posted between 8am on January 13th and 7.59am on February 10th. The offer was capped at 1.25 million views which equates to around 3,750 USD and, according to the Machinima's feed on Poptent it expired on January 17th. The offer's agreement was also covered by a confidentiality clause casting doubt over the legality of this particular agreement as US FTC regulations require such an agreement to be disclosed publicly in the video itself. Microsoft and Machinima brand recent promotion a 'typical marketing partnership'

A joint statement from Microsoft and Machinima explained:

"This partnership between Machinima and Microsoft was a typical marketing partnership to promote Xbox One in December. The Xbox team does not review any specific content or provide feedback on content. Any confidentiality provisions, terms or other guidelines are standard documents provided by Machinima. For clarity, confidentiality relates to the agreements themselves, not the existence of the promotion."

Regardless of what the confidentiality it does cast yet another dark cloud over the credibility of Youtubers and Machinima affiliates in particular.

Thanks Polygon.

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