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Rare downloads loom

For PDZ and Kameo...

A number of new downloads from UK developer Rare will be made available via Xbox Live in coming months, a spokeperson for the firm has let-slip. Rare launched Kameo: Elements of Power and Perfect Dark Zero as launch titles for the Xbox 360 (Rare is wholly-owned by Microsoft), and the latter especially has faired well in sales terms, despite the majority of critics declaring it something of a disappointment in the grand scheme of things.

Pro-G note that Rare made the downloads announcement in their latest mailbag, when questioned on the availability of new 'stuff' via Live: "We do have DLC for both Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero on the way, yes. I can't give exact details because nothing's been announced yet, but I believe it's common knowledge that there'll be more multiplayer maps available for PDZ at the very least. Common knowledge because Duncan said so a few letters back. However, I can absolutely not confirm the possibility of Kameo playing hide the sausage with a Shadow Troll."

So more multiplayer maps and 'something special' for Kameo. We can barely contain our excitement. But we will.

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