Activision land Transformers

New movie license nabbed

'Tis the season for financial reports, it would seem, Activision being the latest publishing monolith to deliver the good and the bad news to their coffee-drinking, Financial Times-reading shareholders. In their latest news, the publisher revealed that they have bagged the rights to create an official videogame based on the new Transformers flick, which Michael Bay is developing, but is yet to receive a proper title.

UK trade magazine MCV actually mooted this news in January, but Activision obviously weren't ready to spill the proverbial beans at the time, refusing to comment on the rumour. Now the company has revealed the new licence acquisition to shareholders, and also announced that the game should be out alongside the film next summer. Despite this movie being the first based in the Transformers world for a million years, several games have actually been released, most recently by Atari.

Let's hope Activision can give fans something to get their teeth into, then. Interestingly, a new Turtles movie and game are en route, suggesting something of a late 80's, early 90's revival in entertainment. Either that, or those calling the shots are now all aged between 25 and 30.

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